DRIP’s Collapse Resumes

6 min readJun 16, 2022
Image (obviously) created by the author.

I’ve bitten my proverbial tongue for a few weeks, but as I mentioned at the close of my previous story about this scammy shitcoin that continues plummeting, crashing, and otherwise collapsing, I would revisit the price one month later, but not on the 11th of June because I had something far more important to do that day.

Which word do you prefer to describe the DRIP token price?

It will probably not surprise anyone to learn that the price of this drek has continued its descent into single digits and is currently a mere $9 and some change as of this writing, not enough to pay for two gallons of gasoline in most places.

Three months ago, you could have filled your tank a few times for the price of one DRIP token. Not only was the price of a token over $100 as recently as February 23rd, but the price of gasoline was far lower too.

Last week, there was an odd blip where the price increased fairly dramatically, causing false hope among the most die-hard acolytes of this scheme, but after that brief respite, it resumed plunging back into the single digits.

What is hard for me to understand is why so many people continue to act and write as if DRIP is a legitimate investment and path to future riches. Sure, the early…




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